The Little Girl & The Starfish

We all know the story of the little girl who was sitting on the beach with her friend. As they were playing, the waves rolled in and out. When the tide receded there were thousands and thousands of starfish left on the beach. The little girl knew the starfish would die if she didn’t help them, so she started to run as fast as she could run and began to pick them up one by one and throw them back into the ocean. Over and over again, she picked them up…one at a time… and threw them back to safety. Her friend watched her and couldn’t help but notice how many starfish were still left on the beach. He asked her why she was trying so hard…when there would be so many starfish left that she couldn’t help. The project was just too big. What difference did it make, if she was unable to save all of the starfish? The little girl picked up one more starfish, threw it back into the ocean, and simply stated:

“It made a difference to that one.”

In Mission Regan’s short existence, we have already come across countless people who need help. We are blessed to help some. Unfortunately, we are only able to do so much. Recently, we came across a baby girl with severely clubbed feet at a clinic in the bush. We knew we couldn’t do anything for her without hospital access. But…when Josh got home, he couldn’t stop thinking of the baby girl. He contacted the missionary on the ground where she was and found that the little girl’s condition could be fixed for FREE. The only reason they haven’t done it already is because the family couldn’t afford the travel. For $200, we could give this baby the ability to walk, and the missionary would make sure all went as planned.

When we brought it up to our board, we felt the need to preface the little girl’s story with the fact that we knew there were numerous children with clubbed feet. One in every 750 children worldwide are born with clubfoot. But, God put this little one in our path, and due to a generous donation…we had the ability to change her life. The board voted unanimously…this baby girl would be helped. God provided a way, and we would follow the path He set out for us. We all agreed that there are more children than we are able to help. But, what a blessing it is to know that Mission Regan can make a difference to this child. She would be our starfish.

By the end of that board meeting…we all agreed that Mission Regan would always set aside a portion of money for whatever starfish God puts in our path. This is the day The Starfish Fund was created. If you would like to donate to The Starfish Fund, click on the “donate now” button on the screen. Under the “Giving Options” you will find Starfish fund. We also take cash, check, and credit cards donations. Email for more information.